Sunday, November 2, 2008

jalan2 xsedar diri..

ni bkn xsdar diri ape pon,just xsdr diri soknye ade test thermo.mentang2 laa take home test kn,supposed we've 2 study laa kn,but ktorg jln2 amek angin najat kamil azri fahmi n azhari(fahmi's fren) went out 2 jj after mgrb.kire cm gathering laa bcos we were all in d same group 4 imse project,except 4 azhari.
#makan2 at usual,i ate a lot.hoho.naseb da bese ng they all so xsgan pon..
#then we watched 'the house bunny'.at first i want 2 watch high school musical3,bcos ad mmber uh ckp ok gak cte uh.hsm1=best,hsm2=boring,hsm3=ok,so t'ingin laa kn,but then they all ckp cte budak2 je.kuciwa den.najat laa d one yg nk tgk hse bunny neh,so we all mcm nk slhkn najat if xbest.haha cian najat.d mvi started at 11 n ended about 12.30.fuh cte uh sume sexy2 je,saba jela.adeyh dak2 laki tu sume suke ah,xptut btol..kamil said he wanted 2 do solat taubat bile blk nnt.good 4 him laa,da laa under age.heheh.
#after dat we went 2 mcd gopeng.fahmi xmkn ag,da laa kurus kering.pas2 mkn pon fries jek.cane laa nk n najat jst had mcflurry bcos we already sleeeeepyy.i became mamai n said so many unnecessary things.malu kejap.
#at 3am,we went back 2 utp..
after all,i enjoyed d so-called gathering..we did d project 2gether,we struggled 2gether,we laughed 2gether n we enjoyed being with each other although we've known each other 4 a quite short tym...really glad 2 have all of u as my group mates=)
*argh,xde gamba dorg sume lak.haisy..sdey2..

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