Friday, December 12, 2008


ni peneman mse study week--> big bang n wonder girls!!!

study kt irc tenang sket,kt blk asek nk tdo jek.adeyh..

ni laa irc-information resource center..tmptku bersemayam mse study n exam week.mse laen jgn arap ler..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

back 2 normal..

waaa...its been a very looong time since i last posted an entry here..heaps n heaps of things 2 do- study week,exam week,wawasan desa,plus d prob with d streamyx at home..xpela..cos actually mmg da start pon a virus called malas aka laziness nk type2 neh.
but d most important thing 2 put in my 'boring' blog neh,mst laa gambo!! lots n lots n heaps n heaps n many2 pictures nk ltk 2 make my blog livelier n x dull da.hmm..
now..let d pics do d talking..

ni pic mse my bro pny kenduri.thanx a lot 2 my frens yg dtg uh..wlupun xdpt lyn btol cos had some health prob dat tym.

ni laa mempelai nye..amoi ng apek mane laa kn..sesat2..

d siblings aka bad stalker

Friday, November 14, 2008


balik umah=)...
miss my home.not dat im homesick,its jst dat i want 2 b far from d campus environment. n i really have 2 go back.compulsory! sbb..nk attend kenduri abg on d 8th..mana mungkin ku x balik..da bli tiket awl2..blk ng liza rumet least ade someone accompanied me.
bus kul 9am.isha sent us 2 gopeng bus station.alhamdulillah i woke up early sbb d nite b4 uh sleep at 4.huhu~ actually after g stdy kt irc with najat,ngidam lak nk teh tarik.then xmalu ajak fami dak grup imse uh mnum2.lepaking b'5 until about 2 am at xsdap prot so bli gak eno halia.yekss xsdap! =( haisy da btrabur cite.6nov pg uh smpai at medan gopeng exactly at 9. n d bus gerak kul 930 cos nk tgu pnoh but somehow sket lak passanger,6org je..eheh.syok sbb byk ruang n lajuuuu...
arrived at sec17 shah alam at 12lbey skit.nana already waited there 2 fetch me.thanx sis..
kt umah ade tok hafsah,mama,kaksai n iman yg ponteng skola..blk uh tros do d remaining works 4 d preparation of kenduri uh.mskkn sweets dlm uncang,staple d tag kat bahulu n len2..
bwk blk byk lecture notes,nk study sbb nxt week nye da xm.tapi...cambese ah kn,ble blk je susa tul nk study.ade je bnd len nk wt.adeyh..but at least ade gak ah study vector sket n bace hse sket.
at nite..abg kua nk amek pengantin.huhu. ida lapa.....naseb mereka baek ati.they bought 2 mcd fillet o fish 4 me..hehe.thanx bro lak..nana 'burning d midnite oil' mlm uh cos nk finish watching 'family outing' n 'gossip girl' which i downloaded sbb da direquest awl2..2je kesah 6nov.. nk cte psl 7nov n 8nov-kenduri abg uh mcm byk sgt smpai mls nk type.adeyh..

ni brg2 yg da siap nk anta kt kompleks tmn seni islam uh..

with my cousin-alimah n aqilah=)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

jalan2 xsedar diri..

ni bkn xsdar diri ape pon,just xsdr diri soknye ade test thermo.mentang2 laa take home test kn,supposed we've 2 study laa kn,but ktorg jln2 amek angin najat kamil azri fahmi n azhari(fahmi's fren) went out 2 jj after mgrb.kire cm gathering laa bcos we were all in d same group 4 imse project,except 4 azhari.
#makan2 at usual,i ate a lot.hoho.naseb da bese ng they all so xsgan pon..
#then we watched 'the house bunny'.at first i want 2 watch high school musical3,bcos ad mmber uh ckp ok gak cte uh.hsm1=best,hsm2=boring,hsm3=ok,so t'ingin laa kn,but then they all ckp cte budak2 je.kuciwa den.najat laa d one yg nk tgk hse bunny neh,so we all mcm nk slhkn najat if xbest.haha cian najat.d mvi started at 11 n ended about 12.30.fuh cte uh sume sexy2 je,saba jela.adeyh dak2 laki tu sume suke ah,xptut btol..kamil said he wanted 2 do solat taubat bile blk nnt.good 4 him laa,da laa under age.heheh.
#after dat we went 2 mcd gopeng.fahmi xmkn ag,da laa kurus kering.pas2 mkn pon fries jek.cane laa nk n najat jst had mcflurry bcos we already sleeeeepyy.i became mamai n said so many unnecessary things.malu kejap.
#at 3am,we went back 2 utp..
after all,i enjoyed d so-called gathering..we did d project 2gether,we struggled 2gether,we laughed 2gether n we enjoyed being with each other although we've known each other 4 a quite short tym...really glad 2 have all of u as my group mates=)
*argh,xde gamba dorg sume lak.haisy..sdey2..

test week..

28oct-1nov..i hd 6 tests.dasat tech,sp lab test,imse,sp,modern music n thermo..
xtau nk ckp hampeh ke x.da xde perasaan.adeyh.. wutever it is,i've 2 move week here i come,hopefully dis sem i'll improve my gpa..i dont know wut actually happened 2 me,but i,ve been sooo lazy since i got my spm result last year.mayb i felt frustated,then i became like dis.always hd last minute study,dont care much about test marks,didnt feel anything when my rmate study gile2 smpai xtdo but i jst watching korean movie n drama.isy3..i need s'one to scold me to study.i need baba 2 b angry at me for my average gpa..all d best 2 myself..


hepi bday christine!

kistin aka kiston aka christine tong~~
27nov--> hepi deepavali sya zuren ana amin marwan marvin kuo chun n some other frens planned a bday bash 2 kistin.we celebrated at v5 common room.waa mlm2 g blok laki,naseb bek rmi2 jln skali.ha3..we had a great tym 2gether~engonga sponsored everything,secret recipe black forest cake,junk food n drinks.baek btol engonga.
then at 5pm,me ana zuren n kistin went out 2 bt tym!really enjoyed d evening..

at nite...had a tour 09..i'll try my best okeyh=)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

conventional milling...

alhamdulillah..already finished all my lab tasks..started with welding(d most exciting),followed by cnc milling, metrology, conventional lathe, cnc lathe n ended with conventional milling..waaa..many great experienced i had during those labs.really enjoyed doing the challenging works.but these r just d beginning since im taking mechanical eng,i've 2 deal with all the huge machines n know d technical thinggy;like how 2 operate the devices n wut happens if an emergency occured during d process.actually the labs r under d manufacturing tech subject,n according 2 the seniors,we can easily obtain 'A' for this sbject as long as we did all the tasks n submitted all d assignments.hopefully i can get an A..insyaAllah~

yesterday the lab session went great,as all the members in d group were in a good mood n d technicians wr sooo sporting as well.huhu..i paired with zureen,we shared d conventional mill machine but we did the task individually.from a square metal,we hd 2 cut n drill it according 2 some measurements.after bout 4hours struggling,my workpiece hd completely done with smooth surface finished.ecece~thanks 2 abu for helping me 2 touch up d workpiece using the file aka kikir parut.ehe..
after all d reports n quiz r done,as usual laa 4 our group session~ we took many many pics..yelaa last lab da kn..

**truly deeply really enjoyed working with u guys--> zureen+syaz+nash+abu+rahman+muha+syamil+ye htut win+asra

###hmm..nxt tym i'll upload more pics on my lab sessions..n more story bout all d unmatured members of my group.huhuhu~~

Thursday, October 23, 2008

vanessa mae??

oops..its not vanessa mae.. nothing 2 talk bout her here..
this entry should be posted days ago but my laptop hd 2 see the sya zureen aisyah hv had a violin assessment 4 modern music 1 n we all hv 2 wear formal attire(white shirt n black pants) but somehow we were not alert bout that.we came with d most sempoi jst wearing sweater n jeans! we decided 2 go back to our room to change.
After some difficulties to find white shirts...tadaa...we transformed.huhu~

--->smart x??

we hv 2 play by group of 2. i paired with sya,n zureen with aisyah.we r jst the beginners,so we jst hv 2 play simple songs.'hot cross bun','butterfly','hujan' n 'lightly row'.hmm..alhamdulillah its all went great.after we finished the assessment,ape session!! after dat,balik..d day after dat we hv imse quiz,hse quiz n structured programming test.wallawei~

---> us~with ckg syed(d assessor)..

life goes on...

wut a hectic day~fuh..finally i can take a deeeeeep breath..alhamdulillah..but i din feel happy at all.cos i cant answer all my quizzes n test was a retest actually.structured programming.learned bout 'alien language'..hadoyy..the 1st test was totally hampeh... i din revise much on hse n imse(material science) 4 d quiz,jst read the lecture notes thoroughly jer..huhuh.n syukurlaa still can answer them.but not sure laa rite or wrong knn.haisyyy..minn oo minnnnn..wake up laa..finals is jst around d corner less than 18days je lagi..

hmm..i hv 2 be that i can push myself a bit more time 2 jog,its time 2 accelerate. Keep moving forward, keep the momentum going, and soon i will be looking back only 2 see how far i have come and how much i have changed. i quoted this from an author from india-->

" In your tireless efforts to achieve your dreams, if the journey becomes very painful, please DO NOT QUIT OR GIVE UP. Something great is going to happen and you will receive the rewards for your efforts. Remember the pain is unbearable to the mother just before the baby is born."

muhasabah diri jap...Islam teaches us to be patient,no matter wut happens,keep trying n dont give up.Allah doesnt like His servant who easily give up n surrender.who else can help us if not our own selves.Allah takkan bantu sesuatu kaum uh sehingge kaum uh bantu diri mereka sndiri kan.there are many ways 2 help ourselves.doa is 1 of them.doa = our special weapon.we can use it anytime n anywhere..


Doa Rabitah

-Ya ALLAH, Engkau tahu hati-hati ini berhimpun dlm cinta pada-Mu,telah berjumpa dlm taat pada-Mu,tlah bersatu dlm dakwah pada-Mu,tlah berpadu dlm membela syariat-Mu,teguhkanlah ya Allah,ikatannya. kekalkanlah cinta kasihnya,tunjukilah jalan-jalannya,penuhilah hati-hati tersebut dgn cahayaMu yg tidak pernah hilang. lapangkanlah dada-dada kami dgn kelimpahan iman kpd-Mu dan indahnya bertawakal kpd-Mu. hidupkanlah hati ini dgn ma'rifat kpd-Mu. matikanlah ia dlm syahid di jalan-Mu. sungguh Engkau sebaik-baik pelindung dan sebaik-baik penolong. Ya Allah,kabulkanlah. dan sampaikanlah salawat kpd junjungan besar kami, Nabi Muhammad s.a.w., kpd keluarganya, para sahabatnya, dan juga sampaikanlah salam..-

Sunday, October 19, 2008


one more...

moral value: dont eat too much...esp mcd..okeyhh

sanah helwa my bro!

happy birthday abang!
26 already huh~ now da become a husband tuu..huhu
my wishes 4 my one n only brother;
::may ALLAH bless u::
::stay healthy n wealthy(insyaAllah) ::
::always live in full of happiness with ur wife::
::all d very best in whatever u do,as long as ur intention is 'lillahi ta'ala'::
::always follow the right path (islamic way)::
::be a good+great+excellent son@husband@muslim::

**my bro.oredi 26 n got married but still behaving like little kids.wakaka.sorry bro.

::take care::

Saturday, October 18, 2008

lab cnc lathe...

huhuh..what a tired n boooooring day.. eventhough i used to like my lab on saturday,but today's lab is quite 'passive' n the longest i had instead of metrology.uwaa.. the technician is soo very the skema gitu.adoyy~

hmm,after all,our resulting workpieces (all 3) were great!we managed 2 complete all the task given successfully.we did turning,threading,drilling,grooving n lastly the finishing cycle to make the surface finish become smooth. but i din take any picture bcos my fon bat was empty *kuciwa*

anyway,this is the 2nd last lab for dis wk-->conventional milling.. looking fwd 2 it..'s some info bout cnc lathe.

CNC lathe

CNC lathes are rapidly replacing the older production lathes (multispindle, etc) due to their ease of setting and operation. They are designed to use modern carbide tooling and fully utilize modern processes. The part may be designed by the Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) process, the resulting file uploaded to the machine, and once set and trialled the machine will continue to turn out parts under the occasional supervision of an operator. The machine is controlled electronically via a computer menu style interface, the program may be modified and displayed at the machine, along with a simulated view of the process. The setter/operator needs a high level of skill to perform the process, however the knowledge base is broader compared to the older production machines where intimate knowledge of each machine was considered essential. These machines are often set and operated by the same person, where the operator will supervise a small number of machines (cell).

The design of a CNC lathe has evolved yet again however the basic principles and parts are still recognizable, the turret holds the tools and indexes them as needed. The machines are often totally enclosed, due in large part to Occupational health and safety (OH&S) issues.

The basic G code used in this lathe programming are G 00 for rapid traverse, G 01 for linear interpolation cutting, G 02 for circular cutting in clockwise direction and G 03 for circular cutting in counter clockwise direction.

Friday, October 17, 2008

jamuan raye ke??

haisyy..jamuan raye ke ape td tu..
lagu rye (ok) makanan (ok) tempat (bley laa--pavilion)
ni jamuan raye mechi batch jan07.. anjuran bersame atiq,chaaa,bell n d geng..
mle2 ok je..amek2 zureen najat wani zophor da wt mcm harte sndr da camera moh to moh..thanx ya
tp..yg xbestnye..rmi laa plak yg mrokok.. mne ley.. xbestlaa cm2..haisyyy
dkt ng mknan lak nk mkn tros da xslere.*xsronok*
xtau nk ckp cane n najat dok congok je kt tepi2 pondok uh..
yg laen2,ade pasangan yg single mingle neh sgn ah nk join dorg lepak2 skali,ng bau2 yg sungguh xmenyenangkn..sabo jelaa..naseb ad najat,senaseb laa kite..
hmm..ana pon laen mcm jek..xbrni ah nk tny byk2..die pon da nk blk awl..
so me pon balik je ngan najat,mls nk tgu men game..ujan renyai2 *romantic~aww*

2je ctenye..yg nk highlight kt sni neh,sbnrnye psl merokok..
sume org tau rokok uh bwk keburukan je byk..negative jek..
ni haaa---->

Di antara kesan sampingan merokok termasuklah :-

1. Deria hidung kurang sensitif.

2. Gigi mudah rosak manakala gusi mudah bengkak. Keadaan ini

lambat laun boleh menyebabkan tisu tulang penyokong gigi

termusnah dan akhirnya terpaksa dicabut.

3. Kemujaraban atau keberkesanan sesuatu ubat yang digunakan

untuk merawat sesuatu penyakit berkurangan sekiranya seseorang

itu kerap merokok.

4. Keupayaan fizikal dan mental terganggu.

5. Jari dan gigi sering terstain warna coklat. Keadaan ini disebabkan

oleh kesan tar dalam rokok yang boleh menyebabkan seseorang

hilang keupayaan menghidu dan nafasnya berbau.

6. Gangguan sistem gastrousus seperti ulser perut.

7. Emfisima, asma dan penyakit sistem pernafasan lain.

8. Penyakit jantung.

9. Kanser larinks dan esofogus.

10. Kanser paru-paru dan kanser pankreas.

*pape pon.. LI PIKIR LAA SENDIRI... okeyh~*

october 16 oo yeah~

oct 16 : yesterday was my lovely mummy's bday..happy birthday mama!! waaa already 51 huh..but still look young.ehehe.awet mude laa katekn..ececece~

but ida didnt buy any present yet,dun hv tym lorh.nana n ksai said dey wanna buy a new e k550i.share lorh(ida auni nana ksai)..ok kot..mama gn fon yg simple2 pon xpe je,the one dat can send n receive msges n calls,n camera-->is enough...hope mama will like d present from us~

love u lots mama..

cant wait 2 get home(nov7) argh..20 days to gooo..oo yeah~

**pic taken at tok nong's house.raye mood okeyh..