Thursday, October 23, 2008

vanessa mae??

oops..its not vanessa mae.. nothing 2 talk bout her here..
this entry should be posted days ago but my laptop hd 2 see the sya zureen aisyah hv had a violin assessment 4 modern music 1 n we all hv 2 wear formal attire(white shirt n black pants) but somehow we were not alert bout that.we came with d most sempoi jst wearing sweater n jeans! we decided 2 go back to our room to change.
After some difficulties to find white shirts...tadaa...we transformed.huhu~

--->smart x??

we hv 2 play by group of 2. i paired with sya,n zureen with aisyah.we r jst the beginners,so we jst hv 2 play simple songs.'hot cross bun','butterfly','hujan' n 'lightly row'.hmm..alhamdulillah its all went great.after we finished the assessment,ape session!! after dat,balik..d day after dat we hv imse quiz,hse quiz n structured programming test.wallawei~

---> us~with ckg syed(d assessor)..

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