Sunday, October 26, 2008

conventional milling...

alhamdulillah..already finished all my lab tasks..started with welding(d most exciting),followed by cnc milling, metrology, conventional lathe, cnc lathe n ended with conventional milling..waaa..many great experienced i had during those labs.really enjoyed doing the challenging works.but these r just d beginning since im taking mechanical eng,i've 2 deal with all the huge machines n know d technical thinggy;like how 2 operate the devices n wut happens if an emergency occured during d process.actually the labs r under d manufacturing tech subject,n according 2 the seniors,we can easily obtain 'A' for this sbject as long as we did all the tasks n submitted all d assignments.hopefully i can get an A..insyaAllah~

yesterday the lab session went great,as all the members in d group were in a good mood n d technicians wr sooo sporting as well.huhu..i paired with zureen,we shared d conventional mill machine but we did the task individually.from a square metal,we hd 2 cut n drill it according 2 some measurements.after bout 4hours struggling,my workpiece hd completely done with smooth surface finished.ecece~thanks 2 abu for helping me 2 touch up d workpiece using the file aka kikir parut.ehe..
after all d reports n quiz r done,as usual laa 4 our group session~ we took many many pics..yelaa last lab da kn..

**truly deeply really enjoyed working with u guys--> zureen+syaz+nash+abu+rahman+muha+syamil+ye htut win+asra

###hmm..nxt tym i'll upload more pics on my lab sessions..n more story bout all d unmatured members of my group.huhuhu~~

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