Wednesday, December 10, 2008

back 2 normal..

waaa...its been a very looong time since i last posted an entry here..heaps n heaps of things 2 do- study week,exam week,wawasan desa,plus d prob with d streamyx at home..xpela..cos actually mmg da start pon a virus called malas aka laziness nk type2 neh.
but d most important thing 2 put in my 'boring' blog neh,mst laa gambo!! lots n lots n heaps n heaps n many2 pictures nk ltk 2 make my blog livelier n x dull da.hmm..
now..let d pics do d talking..

ni pic mse my bro pny kenduri.thanx a lot 2 my frens yg dtg uh..wlupun xdpt lyn btol cos had some health prob dat tym.

ni laa mempelai nye..amoi ng apek mane laa kn..sesat2..

d siblings aka bad stalker

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