Saturday, July 25, 2009

it's tough!

2nd year 2nd sem..

a week has already passed..and i realized dat it's gonna be a real tough sem for me..

dis sem i've to take 6 core subjects=18 credit hours

1. mechatronics
2. mechanics of machines
3. mechanical engineering design
4. thermodynamics
5. heat transfer
6. probability and statistics

lecturers plak berbilang bangsa n negara...
Dr Vu from Vietnam, Dr Vijay from India, Dr Chalilullah from Indonesia..mcm2 jenis pronounciation ley didengari..

yg paling menakutkan is d mechatronic's-->Dr Vu Tern Minh from Vietnam uh.. die pny slang memang susah nk faham plus the subject itself memang mengancam to survive??

-jadual pon pack n got 5labs..
-next cuti lambat lagi
-how will i survive?
insyaAllah sume ok~

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