Saturday, May 28, 2011

Scam situ Scam sini

Aiseh pelik sangat bile tetibe dapat email dari Ascroft.A.Hayley (

dateSat, May 28, 2011 at 11:25 AM
subjectI hope to meet you when I visit Malaysia
hide details 11:25 AM (11 hours ago)
Hi, I came back from oversea trip to Scotland.I am Miss.A.Dayan Hayley,I work with Avocet Mining PLC in UK as assistant senior supervisor.We may not know ourselves for now but it is my heart desire to take vacation leave from our company to visit Malaysia for the first time because my father originally came from M'sia.It is no longer a news that Asia is developing so fast and catching up with developed countries with a lot of tourist attraction centers,it gives me so much joy because I want to witness it and be part of it.

I do not mean to inconvenience you,I want to build a close relationship with you.I will appreciate it if you can spare your time to welcome and accompany me,never mind I will take care of the expenses.If you are interested could you please tell me little about yourself and let me know the nearest airport to you that will be easier for you to come and fetch me on arrival?
I await for your reply

My Regards
Ayat cik.Ascroft ni aku rasa tak convincing, so terus lah tanya pakcik google, siapa gerangan minah ni. Cari dan cari, pastu terjumpa blog pasal EMAIL SCAMMER ni.

hah. fraudulent email. zzzzzz...
Mula-mula cam ok je sume, tapi last2 tengok nak duit jugak.hampeh
Duit Duit Duit

Lain kali kalau dapat email yang rasa cam pelik sikit, jangan layan.
Sms pelik sikit, macam nak bagi duit ke menang itu ini pon jangan layan.
Sms nak mengorat pon, jangan layan. haha..


Mohaimin Mokhlis said...

So kalau tibe2 aku sms nak blanje kau makan, jangan layan eh? ok?


cikminn said...

hahah..amboi moh..
kalau setakat ajak makan2 n x niat tuk mengorat tu xpelah.heheh