Wednesday, January 21, 2009

balik awl sket.. semester,new hope,new target,new timetable,new me.oops xdelaa new me sgt,but nk jd better laa from the old me. dis sem kne blk awl lagi..dis time because of media tour.supposedly we have 2 come back 2 utp by 18th jan,but for dis reason i went back here on the 10th.xpe laa,just a week earlier. we went 2 two field trips-1st to taman maju and the 2nd one we went to Ipoh,just to approach the companies there 2 sponsor for our event.ssh laa skang,economy is down and our event is not so big,compared to TEC and Titian our target pon lmbt ler nk capai.sian kami..huhuh.

sbb sponsor cm hampeh skit progress nyer,we decided 2 do business lak.during minggu aluan siswa,we shared a booth with Medtech n jual2 brg- badges(5 designs),air-freshener(5fragrances),pen drive(2GB n 4GB),foldover burger n dadih.
alhamdulillah..untung laa gak.

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