Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Huuu...IRIS sangat besssstt!!
Genre: Action,Mystery,Thriller

Jadi addicted ngan drama neh..da download smpai 10 je pastu malas nak tunggu nk download tuh,so tengok drama neh kt mysoju je..

skang ngah tunggu ep.17..huu xsaba nak tengok ape jadi..

Hero die Lee Byung Hun,alaa yang dlm G.I. Joe uh die jadi Storm Shadow..macho tau die..kekeke^^^
Heroin die sangat cantik..Kim Tae Hee..suke tgk die since tgk drama Stairway To Heaven lagik..pastu Love Story in Harvard..memang anggunsss laa die..huhu

Saje je nak letak synosis drama neh kat sini..hehe..best2..

A story about trust, betrayal and conspiracy of South and North Korean secret agents.

Kim Hyun Joon is an secret agent who belongs to a top secret South Korean organization known as the “NSS” whereas Vick is an assassin who works in another secret organization located in the United States called “IRIS” and was ordered to kill Hyun Joon.

Choi Seung Hee is a psychological analyst who plays an important role in bring Hyun Joon into the “NSS.” Jin Sa Woo is Hyun Joon’s friend and could be enemy and falls in love with Seung Hee as well.

Character Description


Kim Hyun Joon

He had lost his parents in a car accident when he was young. He doesn’t have much memory of them because of the shock of their death. Not only that, he always carries a sense of void and loneliness in his heart.
But his friend Jin Sa Woo had filled that void. They are close friend and swore to trust each other and unchanging friendship for life.
Then both go to 707 Corps to qualify as agents. They stand out and get noticed by the National Security System (NSS) and become the top agents and top sniper , he is smart, cool head, have charisma and perfectly carries out his missions.
He meet agent Choi Seung Hee there and become love of his life and both fall in love .


Choi Seung Hee

A psychological analyst who works at secret intelligence organization, NSS. Her secret lovers is her colleague at NSS, Kim Hyun Joon. But because of a friend’s betrayal, their love story is threatened.


Jin Sa Woo

He falls in love for Seung Hee at first sight. But as Hyun Joon and Seung Hee become close, Sa Woo fights to hide his feelings for Seung Hee. He tries to be happy for Hyun Joon. And then he begin struggles to obey orders. And finally, is he betraying his close friend Hyun Joon?


Park Chul Yung

He is a team leader for North Korean security agents. Fiercely dedicated to his work, he is capable of dying for his beliefs, and once he fixes on a target, he never gives up.


Kim Sun Hwa

She is a North Korean security agent who follows her boss, Park Chul Yung, like a shadow. An intense agent who believes that failure is always soon followed by death. She is ordered to chase after Kim Hyun Joon, but apparently falls in love with him after Hyun Joon saves her life and she being discarded by her country.



Vick is an assassin for IRIS, a secret organization hidden in the United States. He is a cold-blooded killer with a 100% kill rate. He has been assigned to kill Kim Hyun Joon.

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